//Teen Spirit Group does something amazing!

Teen Spirit Group does something amazing!

Our Teen Spirit group did something pretty amazing. 
Read about the activity below. 



Two participants were asked to write how they viewed themselves on a piece of paper. In general they viewed themselves in a neutral light , but had concerns and doubts about themselves. We then asked them to face away from the mirror and we had their friends write words that they felt described the two participants.

Needless to say the group of young teenagers wrote nothing but amazing things for each of their friends. (Kind, Beautiful, good friend , funny etc.)

The key lesson was that the number one person you should love before anyone else is YOURSELF. Our theme was Confidence and loving who you are.

We then had all the teenagers fill their friends envelopes with kind words and messages. .

There is something powerful about feeling loved and we could see the dynamic of the group change after the activities. Don’t underestimate the power of words.

Enjoy some of the pictures , and remember we always have room for one more  

~ The Teen Spirit program caters to our younger generation (Secondary 1 and 2 Boys and Girls). It is a program that is designed to help your teenager learn about themselves , grow , develop leadership skills and make friends. It is also designed to be a safe place for the youth to hang out on a Friday Night.  We always have room for more teenagers , if you are interested in signing up your son or daughter please call us (514-648-6421) or email us at ylcfrankie@hotmail.com

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