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Caring For Life

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. DBYLC focuses on you as if it was our own family. Below you can find our programs, simply click an icon and you will be sent to the corresponding information.

Welcome to Our Programs

DEK-HOCKEY (Alexis-Carrel)



At Funky Dance Academy, we teach girls many different styles of dance to varying age groups (3yrs-15yrs) and experience levels. Classes begin with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise. Various stretching and movements are performed during the warm-up to increase flexibility, strength, and control. The dancers will then learn combinations specific to a type of dance which will then lead to a choreography. Classes are an hour long and take place on the 2nd floor of the YLC. Registrations for the program take place in September at the Don Bosco Youth Leadership center. Dance classes begin in the month of October and conclude at the end of May. Every year, all dance groups get a chance to show off their hard work and perform in the annual Don Bosco Youth Festival, year-end show!

The dance instructor, Julia Venditti and assistants have many years of experience dancing and working with the youth. Funky Dance Academy promotes the healthy growth of its students. Developing the passion, integrity, confidence and strength in young dancers is our number one priority.

 Funky Dance Academy

Monday – Friday

2nd Floor DBYLC

Time of day to be determined

 (514) 648-6421

Hello, I’m Julia Venditti. I’ve been a part of the YLC for 6 amazing years!
Throughout the year, I am the dance teacher/coordinator of the Funky Dance Academy. When I am not at the center, I am a full-time early childhood educator at a daycare in Montreal-North and part-time makeup artist. I am a fan of music, parties, art, design, dance and fitness. I love watching movies and talk shows, going out for dinner, listening to rock music and having great laughs with good friends. So who am I really? My all time favorite question. I am the only person in this entire world I would love to know thoroughly. I believe life is too short to be serious all the time, so if you cannot laugh at yourself… call me… I’ll do it for you!
I would describe myself as someone who is honest, caring, hardworking, and very ambitious. I have a great sense of humor and a very easygoing personality. I am known for being the loud, confident, smiley girl with a long blond slick-back ponytail. My life goals are to travel the world, open up a business involving the youth, participate in a TV game show, have a family of my own and to simply be happy and healthy!

Future Leaders Program

Future Leaders is a program offered to teenagers which include various activities such artistic projects, helping the community, getting involved in politics, taking part of a show, hosting events, going on fun outings or even simply spending a night playing board games and conversing with the coordinators.

This year, the Future Leaders have taken part of our annual DBYLC Coffee House events, as both spectators and, for some, active performers. The youth group has met with Pablo Rodriguez, an important member of parliament, and have had the opportunity to ask him questions and talk with him. They have also contributed to an artistic mural being created in the Future Leaders room. The teenagers are currently in the process of preparing for the annual Don Bosco Youth Leadership Festival where they will be featured as models for the fashion portion of the show. Finally, to celebrate the end of the year, certain outings are currently being discussed as potential activities for the program such as an outing to Old Montreal as well as a small trip to Ottawa to visit the Parliament of Canada. Finally, if time permits, the Future Leaders will have the opportunity to organize and host a ‘‘Movie in Parking Lot’’ event, open to all the other programs of the DBYLC.

 Future Leaders Program

Monday – Friday

2nd Floor DBYLC

7:00pm to 10:00pm

 (514) 648-6421

Jenna, 22, and Claudia, 21, are the coordinators of the Future Leader Program. They are currently both students in Education at Concordia University. Want to know more about them, check out their profile below.

Jenna has been a tutor and coordinator for the DBYLC before, this is her second time as Future Leaders Coordinator. She is a funny, caring coordinator who always has the best at heart for the members and wants to make sure they are enjoying themselves throughout the program. She truly cares about these teenagers and it shows in everything she does, especially when she always brings her delicious cookies and cupcakes for them to enjoy.

Claudia is also a previous tutor and coordinator. Although she has been responsible for Girls Club in the past, this is her first year working with Future Leaders. She is the more energetic one of the pair. While Jenna helps set everything in motion the night of, Claudia does the planning and preparations on the side throughout the week. Her bubbly and open personality always makes the environment welcoming and vibrant, even if there’s a new member. She gets the conversation going while Jenna keeps it flowing. Together, they always try and surpass the boundaries set for them and the expectations built from the year before. Even though certain events may not always go as planned, Jenna and Claudia roll with the punches and make the best of any situation.

Friday Nights boys Club

Friday Night Boys club is a brand new program at the DBYLC that aims to extend the Happy Days spirit into the school year. Every week we have workshops, events, organized games, or guest speakers geared toward working together, communication, media literacy, and what it means to be a boy going through the all-important transition from elementary school to high school. At the end of our night, we join together with Girls Club for a social activity which provides them with the opportunity to mingle and have fun with everyone present at the DBYLC on Friday nights.

Sample Programming:

  • Communication and Listening Workshop
  • Escape Room night
  • Movie Night at the YLC
  • Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year Dance
  • SPVM Guest Speaker
  • Outings and Social Justice Projects

 Friday Nights Boys Club

Friday Nights  7:00-10:00pm

2nd Floor DBYLC

Boys Grade 6 – Secondary 2


 (514) 648-6421

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Michael Gagliano:

My name is Michael Gagliano and I am happy to have coordinated the inaugural Boy’s Club here at the DBYLC. I recently completed my Bachelor of Secondary Education at McGill where I received a scholarship for my volunteer work, dedication to my community, and academic achievements. I have worked at YLC for 3 years as a tutor, have organized the Don Bosco Festival 3 times, worked at summer camp, and participated in many events. As someone who is dedicated to whatever I am tasked to do and with a very easy-going personality, I found the perfect second home in the YLC. The YLC has helped me hone my leadership skills and helped me grow more confident as a person. Boys Club was a program I really wanted to lead and am very glad to have had the opportunity to do so, especially alongside Alessio. Throughout my years here, Alessio has acted as my mentor and best friend so it was only fitting that we’d work together leading Boys Club.

Alessio is on vacation and will be back yesterday!

Friday Night Hockey League

 Friday Nights Hockey (Junior)


Michelangelo School – 9360 5e Rue, Montréal, QC H1E 1K1

Grade 3-6 Age: 8-12

100$ /year (Oct-May)

50$/season (s1: Oct-Dec. s2: Jan-May)

 (514) 648-6421

The Friday Night Hockey League is a ball hockey league, provided by the DBYLC. The junior program is for youth between grades 3 and 6 (8 to 12 years old). The Senior program is for adolescents in high school (12-17 years old). The majority of the members come from the East End of Montreal. The FNHL, as true to the YLC identity, is in all ways Salesian.

 It’s important to note that the FNHL is much more than a hockey league. Since its beginnings, the FNHL was intended for much more than just hockey. Various activities happen in and around the league, including fundraisers, retreats, Faith Space moments, tournaments, all-star events, award ceremonies, etc.

 Friday Nights Hockey (Senior)


Denise Pelletier 12160 27e Avenue, Montréal, QC H1E 1Z5

High school students. Age: 12-17

100$ /year (Oct-May)

50$/season (s1: Oct-Dec. s2: Jan-May)

 (514) 648-6421

The secret to FNHL’s success? All credit goes to our Coaches and our GMs! We have an incredibly fantastic team of volunteers who are super chill and always here to serve! Coaches and GMs are older youth who were previously involved in the league as a teen. There’s always a way to stay involved and to continue growing with us! We call it the Boys Of Bosco system 😉 About 80% of our male staff from summer camp originally came from FNHL!

Hey, sup! My name is Joe Macchiagodena, and I have been serving the YLC community since 2002! I started as a 12-year-old boy, volunteering wherever I could – fashion shows, after school hockey leagues, etc.. My first volunteering experience was with Dans La Rue back in 2002!! Since then, I knew I wanted to give of myself and of my time for other people. These 15 years between the YLC and the church have been absolutely crazy! All fantastic memories! Non-stop action, here at the YLC haha! I’ve never taken a break from the YLC, and I don’t ever see myself leaving. Being Salesian is part of my very core. I believe whole heartily in Don Bosco’s philosophy! So working for the Salesians and for the YLC is just an absolute blessing! The Friday Night Hockey League is a program I am particularly fond of. I started running this program in September 2008 and next year will be the 10th year running this program! Lots of good, old memories, and much more to come!

Friday Night Girls Club

Girls Club takes place every Friday night and is open to teenage girls from grade 6 to secondary 2. For the past few years, the YLC has implemented the Girls Club program in order to create a safe space where girls can be girls. As coordinators of this program, we help our participants feel empowered and confident through a variety of workshops and activities. We plan weekly discussions that are pertinent to teenagers such as self-esteem, confidence, bullying, body image, health, social media, and dangers of the internet. We also want our participants to become young leaders and contribute their time to helping those in need. Throughout the year, the girls are involved in several projects that allow them to give back to the community, such as making Christmas cards for sick children in hospitals, organizing a toy drive, and feeding the homeless. Girls Club is also a place where teenage girls come to have fun and socialize. We plan outings and special events with the Boys Club members to allow the two groups to interact and create new friendships.

Friday Nights Girls Club

Friday Nights

2nd Floor DBYLC

Grade 6 – sec 2

Time of day to be determined

 (514) 648-6421

My name is Melissa Ignoto and this is my first year as a Girls Club coordinator. I became a part of the YLC 6 years ago, working as an animator for Happy Dayz Summer Camp as well as the tutoring program. Last year, I was an animator for the teenagers at summer camp. I really enjoyed this experience so I decided to get involved with the Girls Club program to strengthen these friendships and continue making memories with them. This program has not only allowed me to grow as a leader but has also taught me that every teenage girl needs a role model in their life. I want to be their role model and teach them that they, too, will one day become someone’s role model.