February 2018

YLC 9 month contracted position available: Apply Today!

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Outdoor ball hockey rink project coordinator (Alexis Carrel park in RDP) to coordinate ball hockey play, find rentals, link with schools and RDP organizations, city meetings and develop community events. More information given if interviewed. Male or female. 20yrs + We are looking for a bilingual, youth/family friendly, sports-related or management experience, able to work [...]

January 2018

Tutoring Rate Change – from 20$ to 15$!

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As a big thank you to our supportive community we have reduced the cost of our in house tutoring program from 20$ an hour to 15$ an hour. The change is part of the DBYLC's 20th year celebration. Our tutoring program is regarded as both effective and affordable. Our sessions are led by our amazing [...]

Teen Spirit Group does something amazing!

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Our Teen Spirit group did something pretty amazing.  Read about the activity below.      Two participants were asked to write how they viewed themselves on a piece of paper. In general they viewed themselves in a neutral light , but had concerns and doubts about themselves. We then asked them to face away from [...]