April 2018

20 years of positive community action. Information Booklet

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"It is not enough to love the young. They must know that they are loved!" Click here to understand our goals and objectives and how we reach out to the youth and teenagers of our community! Prevention. Education and Leadership. These are not taglines for us. It's our approach...active presence! Over 1000 kids/teens every year...supported [...]

We could use your Help. Can you help Sponsor our 20th Youth Festival?

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Dear parents and friends of the YLC! The YLC is celebrating 20years with a HUGE and FANTASTIC event on Sunday, May 20th at the Leonardo Da Vinci center in St. Leonard called the Youth Festival. We are hoping that you (or your contacts) can sponsor our youth/teen event. Different packages range from 100$ to 500$. All donations [...]

Summer camp 2018 online brochure!

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We welcome over 550 campers every year in a nurturing, dynamic and "SafeFun" environment! For ages 4 to 15yrs! Only 60$/per week for high school students! All camp information (Parent questions, activities, etc...) will be available in early May. For now, we invite you to click on the link "Summer camp Information" (scroll down [...]

March 2018

Join our Summer Camp Team! Applications are ready, click here! *Deadline April 23rd 2018 — Hurry!

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Looking for a summer job? Looking for a summer experience? Be a big brother/sister! Be a positive presence with the campers! Make new friends! Develop leadership skills! Learn more about yourself! "This job is the Best Job Ever !!!" We welcome over 600 children every year (ages 4-15yrs) JOIN THE DON BOSCO YOUTH LEADERSHIP CENTRE'S [...]

February 2018