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The DBYLC is more than just a youth center, it’s a home away from home where you’re always welcomed, loved and appreciated!

The DBYLC is more than just a youth center, it’s a home away from home where you’re always welcomed, loved and appreciated!

The Don Bosco Youth Leadership Center was founded in 1997. It is a non-profit youth community organization that reaches out annually to over 1000 youth and teenagers and families in the East end of Montreal. We service primarily, the minority language English but are a bilingual service. The schools we are connected to are the English speaking elementary schools (East Hill. Leonardo Da Vinci. Michaelangelo and Gerald Mc Shane) and English High Schools in the east end of Montreal (Lester B. Pearson. Vincent Massey. Laurier McDonald. John Paul. Rosemont. John F. Kennedy).

Named after Saint John Bosco, a universally recognized educator and evangelizer of the young, the DBYLC strives to follow in his footsteps. The mission of the DBYLC is to foster the development of honest citizens and positive leaders through an active leadership presence. The mission is carried out through a variety of activities that have as their goal; Education, prevention and leadership training.

We use Saint John Bosco’s prevention method as our animation guide in letting young people express themselves in a positive way that promotes healthy living and an accountability to the community.

All our programs are supported by volunteers, stagiers, contracted staff and coordinated by Theo Vecera and Anna Tafuto under the direction of Fr. Richard Authier SDB.

Contracted staff are defined as young adults who may receive a 500$ contract to plan and implement a youth/teen related program of 20 sessions during the school year (example: Teen ball hockey every Friday night from 7 pm to 9 pm). This money comes from fundraised activities during the YLC year (example: Walk a thon. Bake sale. Youth Festival, etc…). Many of our leaders were once campers and/or teenagers in our programs and services.

Many of our programs have the following elements for a fuller experience that promotes healthy living, memories, new friendships, mentoring and accountability.

  1. Special events with a leadership role and responsibility.
  2. Guest speakers.
  3. Outings
  4. Social Justice project.

All programs are geared towards a continuous growth and an attachment to all the YLC programs. The terminology that we use is investment of their skills and talents for the betterment of our community. As well as the continued development of a young person’s self-esteem, confidence and presence that is not only beneficial at the DBYLC but also in their social, family and work life.