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Please note the website will going through some major renovations during the next few months. Thank you for your patience as we know that some of our information may be outdated. We are also working on a french version. The main page will always have the correct information. Thanks!

We are now accepting LATE LATE registrations on the following dates:

Contact Anna Tafuto @ 514.648.6421 to set up an appointment. We will only accept children that we have spaces LEFT for.

Please add 75$ to your total.

Scroll down for all camp registration 2017, the camper registration form, center booklets 2016 and "common" parent questions 2017!

Good morning everyone! A friendly reminder that our 2nd early summer camp Smiley Bunch K-camp/Happy Days/Teen Spirit/Animator-in-training registration for children pre-k up to Secondary 3 is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31st from 730pm to 9pm! Smiley Bunch pre-k/kindergarten will be celebrating it's 17th year (90 K-campers last year!)!!!

Camp rates are 115$ per week which includes outings. Rebates for 2nd and 3rd child. For all documents (camper form, parent Q+A, rates, etc...) are online.  The next registration will be on Wednesday, May 31st. Contact us with any questions at 514-648-6421. All staff go through police checks (18+), a 2 month City certified training, "on the field training" and a leadership retreat and first aid. And we received high recognition from the Quebec association of summer camps! Did you know that some of our staff training templates and camper programs are used by other camps in Montreal??? Why? Because we like to share. We don't compete against other camps :)

Over 600 children last year :) And remember, just because you pay more, doesn't mean it's better. When you register your child at one of our camps in RDP, you're giving a young person (16yrs-23yrs) from RDP a chance to work and learn leadership and life skills :) FYI, many of our animators were once children/teens at our camps/YLC. All our staff work a minimum of 40 hours but are paid only 30 hours. The other 10 hours are donated to keep the camp rates low. That's called the "Generosity Clause". Reason #79 why our camp staff is so cool! Have a great day!


"Common" parent questions form 2017

Click here!

Click here for camper registration form to bring on May 17th or 31st

Over 600 campers last year! (4yrs to 15yrs) And the majority of our camp staff were once campers/teenagers at the YLC and live in RDP!

Scroll down below for more information and last year's center booklets!!!

Can't see enlargened JPEG version of our camp brochure? Click here for PDF version :)


2 dates for registration!

Wednesday May 17th or 31st!

"6 1/2" week program:

Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, August 11th, 2017

For 4yrs up to 15yrs old. 27 years of summer camp in RDP!

Smiley Bunch prek and K-camp: (Since 2000)

Happy Days: Grade 1 to Grade 6 (Since 1984)

Teen Spirit: Secondary 1 and 2 (Since 1993)

Animator in Training: (50$ a week): Secondary 3 and 4

City certified. "Safe Enviroment" certified. First Aid certified.

Click here for Smiley Bunch k-camp 2016 info

Click here for grades 1 and 2 camp 2016 info

Click here for grades 3 and 4 and 5 2016 camp info

Click here for grades 6 and Teen Spirit camp 2016 info

Click here for Animator in Training camp 2016 info



Click here for our YLC Brochure (Jan to May 2017) PDF version

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Auguri! Congrats to our very own Theo Vecera for his 25 years of positive community action!

View the very special video presented by Mr. Marc Tanguay (our dynamic Quebec Liberal MP) and local paper's article on Theo's rich history with the youth and families of our RDP community!

Always something going at the YLC! Come check it out and register anytime during the school year! Call us at 514-648-6421 or visit us Monday to Friday, 3pm to 9pm!

YLC Brochure 2016-2017

You can view it by clicking HERE (PDF) version.

Or HERE and HERE for JPEG versions.



What a great summer! 609 campers!

Wow! Thank you parents for your trust and belief in our our summer camp experience! Click below for end of year camp news and YLC news for September!

Click here for the end of camp parent newsletter and Theo's letter to the parents.

We are a non-profit youth community organization that welcomes over 1000 youth and teenagers every year in prevention and education and leadership programming. We are supported by a wonderful team of volunteers (70 plus every year) who many were once youth/teens in our programs and activities.   Since 1997, we have been developing good leaders, honest citizens and joyful youth that truly care about their community and beyond...Don Bosco style!

Click here for our online 2016 Information booklet!

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Can you help the YLC?

Looking for arts and crafts supplies, updated computers, music equipment, sports equipment for our youth and teen programs at the YLC. Receipts and Charity receipts for income taxes are a possibility as well as info on our website. Please contact Theo at or Anna Tafuto at or 514-648-6421

Click french or english for the YLC Program Info Guide (old version)

The YLC would like to acknowledge the assistance and friendship

of the City of Montreal's R.D.P Sports and Leisure department.

Our partnership is an important and needed collaboration.

We thank them for their resources and gym reservations.

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